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Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure Packet for self-treatment that is portable and powerful! Self-treatment at your fingertips!


Included: -Color Pocket Case (please choose blue, pink, green or purple when ordering) which contains storage for 20 acuseeds, a mirror for placement, a pressing tool and protocol card(s).

60 acuseeds total are received.


The ATA packet is the ideal portable self-acupressure tool for application anywhere at anytime. Simply open the packet, pull the adhesive off with the acuseed from the plastic sheet, place the adhesive on the acupoint by using the mirror, and press with your pressing tool. Once in place, the acuseed will continue to stimulate the acupoint, as it is applying continuous pressure. It is recommended to take a few seconds, moving up to minutes a day to pause, push on the acuseed as you inhale and release as you exhale. This will activate the acupoint in acute situations and also enable the body to reach a state of calm, at any time.


If you experience results, you will have the option to schedule a discounted telemedicine c