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What are "Acuseeds"?

Vaccaria, cowherb or in chinese medicine, Wang Bu Lui Xing, is a monotypic genus of flowering plants within the pink family containing the single species "Vaccaria hispanica". Considered a weed, the plant can grow to two and a half feet with lovely pink and white hermophroditic flowers. Harvested in the summer, the entire plant is dried in sunlight, with seeds removed from their shells and then, dried again. The seeds are used in ATA in raw form, presented on clear, silicone based adhesives.

This modality has been approved as accredited coursework by the NCCAOM and NCBTMB and recognized by the University of Maryland Medical System.



Developed in 2016 and extensively utilized by Dr. Colleen Curran, L.Ac. for oncology patients at the UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center contraindicated to be needled.

Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure (ATA) is a non-invasive, non-needling alternative to acupuncture with identical results and uniquely beneficial purposes.

Effective in treating symptoms on body, mind and spirit/emotional levels, ideal for those who do not prefer needling, are on anti-coagulants/blood thinners, have lymphedema, compromised immune systems, or are concerned about possible infection, ATA is safe and admissible for all.  


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