Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine modality that was developed thousands of years ago.  The foundational concepts of Acupuncture involve the presence and movement of energy or "qi" (pronounced "chee") in the body, mind and spirit.  This energy can be accessed by inserting sterile, thin needles into specific areas or “points” present within meridians or channels that run like rivers throughout the body.  In Eastern medicine, when we experience a symptom, "blocked" or "stagnant" energy is the cause.  Through administering Acupuncture, the body is invited to call upon its own ability to reach/maintain homeostasis where the "blockages" are opened, and energy is released to naturally promote smooth, free flow.  As this is continuously established with each treatment, a reduction in experienced symptom(s) is a result.

To appropriately introduce your body to Acupuncture it is recommended that you receive the first 4-6 treatments once a week. The first appointment is an Intake with first treatment that will last for 90 mins. Then, and according to your progress, follow- up treatments lasting up to 60 mins. will be scheduled accordingly.

Those that receive Acupuncture report the following:

-overall sense of well-being (deep relaxation, mental clarity, improved sleep and relationships with self/others)

-reduction in observed symptoms

-stronger immune system and improved resilience from sickness or injury

-reduction in fine lines & increased skin tone/texture (Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture clients only)

-reduction in addiction cravings and support in weight management (specifically but not restricted to Auricular Detoxification Acupuncture clients)

90 minute Initial Consultation w/First Treatment: $120

60 minute Subsequent Treatment: $80

For KCC cancer patients that have received their complementary treatments and are transitioning into private practice care:

60 minute KCC Continued Care Treatment (for 4 treatments): $50

Thin needles are superficially inserted along the ear in specific points to promote detoxification, deep relaxation/stress relief, immune system function, pain relief, mental/emotional health support, addiction management and more.

This treatment is a perfect introduction to Acupuncture and is recommended to receive multiple times in one week.

Auricular Treatments are personalized with session times ranging from 30-60 minutes with an individualized payment scale.


If you are taking a blood thinner/anti-coagulant medication (other than aspirin or Plavix), it is advised that you receive clearance from your prescribing physician.  If you are not able to receive clearance for Acupuncture, then Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure is a non-contraindicated treatment option.

If you are an oncology patient and actively receiving chemotherapy infusions, in order to receive Acupuncture, you will need clearance from your oncologist.  If you are not able to receive clearance, then Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure is a non-contraindicated option.

For Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure (ATA) descriptions, please visit the "Acuseed Therapy" section.