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15 years of serving the community

-Five Element Acupuncture

-Acuseed Therapy®️ Acupressure


-Reiki & Acu-Reiki


The practice of gentle needle insertion to support the natural ability of the body & mind to balance.  This method holds a comprehensive view, treating present symptoms while valuing the body & mind as a whole for more effective, enduring results.


A trademarked natural, non-invasive, medicinal method of acupressure.  Developed by Dr. Curran in 2016, this method is uniquely practiced at Zen Path Wellness, LLC & Upper Chesapeake Medical Center as a gently effective alternative to needling.  *Practitioners utilizing this technique that are not approved and accredited providers by Dr. Curran/Zen Path Wellness, LLC are not qualified to perform and may cause harm.  The following practitioners are recommended:

 -Dr. Brooke Bochinski at Sea Wellness Acupuncture, OCMD

 -Dr. Tierra Hardin, Noble Integrative Health, College Park, MD

 -Laura Lazenby Acupuncture, Crownsville, MD. 


A Japanese technique where hands are placed on and above the body to

soothe the central nervous system through light touch and breathwork. In Acu-Reiki Acupuncture/Acuseed Therapy®️ is included.



INDIVIDUAL: in a private treatment room setting

*Recommended for NEW patients & available for returning

DUAL: two patients arrive together and simultaneously receive treatments in a private room setting  *Available for new & returning



Receive a deeply healing treatment from the comfort of your home, office or other location.  The creation of a personally designed acupoint protocol by Dr. Curran for self-treatment will also be included.

*It is recommended but not required that Acuseeds®️utilized in Acuseed Therapy®️Acupressure be received before scheduling to enhance your experience and support your self-treatment protocol.

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