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Based on the World Health Organization’s recommendations, evidence from case studies and patient testimonials, Acupuncture/Acupressure is ideal for:

-acute, chronic and post-operative pain, sciatica, headaches,

arthritis/inflammation, allergies, insomnia, fatigue, gastrointestinal/digestive issues, menstrual cycle/hormonal imbalance,fertility, vertigo, nausea, stress, depression, anxiety,

fear, worry, anger/frustration, grief, sadness, PTSD, adverse reactions to cancer treatment,alcohol/nicotine/opioid/substance dependence, immune system support, detoxification and as a compliment to meditation/yoga/massage/physical therapy, etc.


"I have found Colleen's ability to interconnect healing and promote post-traumatic growth of mind, body, and spirit to be exemplary. She does an intake unlike any medical provider or acupuncturist I know, which leads her to insights and a treatment approach that is perfect for the treat acute and chronic pain, adverse side effects to cancer related medications, radiation, insomnia, fear, and fragmented mind, body, spirit issues.  Specifically, she reduced unbearable nerve pain in my left hand and even healed a sprained ankle."  -K.S

"I've been seeing Colleen for over a year now with great results. Our last session I commented that I felt like I was foggy  and needed more mental clarity.  Well, the next morning to my surprise I woke with such brightness and clarity.  My comment to Colleen was "even the sky looks clear and it is a cloudy day outside".  Thanks to her understanding and knowledge."  -S.S.

"Colleen is amazing.  I've been seeing her for depression related treatments for over two years.  Colleen has a beautiful heart and magic hands."  -J.F.

"I highly recommend Colleen for stress relief, opening pathways to your highest potential and relaxation.  She is very thorough in her approach and I leave my sessions feeling balanced and renewed.  I really appreciate that she customizes each treatment.  Even if you are like I was in the beginning and feeling skeptical of acupuncture, you will not be disappointed with Colleen."  -L. D.

"Acupuncture therapy has begun to improve the unprovoked anxiety/panic attacks I was experiencing and has lessened the severity of the peripheral neuropathy and has helped to control my pain.  Just recently I began to experience some perspiration with exertion and was able to tolerate excessive heat and humidity without feeling ill, which has been a major problem for me since receiving chemotherapy and radiation for head and neck cancer.  The acupuncture therapy has also reduced the occurences of uncontrolled heartbeat and erratic blood pressure episodes I was experiencing.  This is a very positive change in my quality of life!  Acupuncture works!"  -W.N.

"Colleen is amazing.  Creates a very relaxing atmosphere and very easy to talk with."     -A.L.

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